Discovering where your business connects with success and intersects with awesome is our specialty.

So what does this mean for you? We use nearly 15 years experience in both corporate and non-profit worlds to help you build and advance relationships, create unique events and experiences that connect people, change understanding, and personalize and drive ideas.

Let us help your organization supercharge its next opportunity to success.


(how we do what we do when we do what we do)

Connections to us mean meetings, events, conventions, engagement, snackable content, education, conferences, workshops, online chats, technology, partnerships, trade shows, marketing, sponsors, exhibitors, operations, and much much more.

We love them all (and then some) and they keep us up at night as we ponder what new ways we can uncover to make them sizzle and social. (We might also have an Oklahoma State obsession, and we’re sorry not sorry about being on #TeamTaySwift.)

Your Next Smart Connection?

We’re not just another consultancy or production house. Think of us ever ready for you to call on us with your personalized need (something like the bat signal, if you will)


To start at the beginning, you must know where you want to end. We collaborate with you from ideation to execution, creating strategy that ensures success outcomes.


Whether you connect in person, online, or in the spaces in between, we love to bring people to together to learn, to share, to talk, to create, to be…innovative.


Content, inbound, social, outbound, or engagement. We help you find the best integrated strategy and tactics to meet your business objectives. 


You’re doing cool stuff. Why shouldn’t you be telling people about it? We can help you tell, not just sell, so that your customers and clients feel like a part of the family.


A picture is worth a thousand words. We can help you find the right intersection of clean design and emotional attention getting for your next initiative or product. 


Whatever the strategy, you need the operations and tactical support to execute flawlessly. We can provide on the ground assistance and coaching to help your team, campaign, or program go to the next level.

Musings from the Field


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